OutsideCommunity RoomBathroom Bedroom (2)    Kitchen Living Room (2) Living Room

Interior of each apartment at Martin Court includes a bathroom. bedroom, eat-in kitchen and living room.

Bedroom dimensions are roughly 10′ x 12′ and living room is 11′ x 12′.  A/C’s, maximum of 10,000 BTU’s are allowed to be installed by authorized contractor/electrician.

We have a lovely community room w/laundry facilities (coin-op) and kitchen.  There is also a patio equipped with furniture to be enjoyed during the good weather.  Tenants also share a raised garden on the property.

Income Limits for eligibility are: $40,450 for a single person and $46,200 for a couple.

Age for eligibility: 60 years old or disabled w/a qualified disability.